(English) Leather Strap

We set to work and developed a shoulder strap that had to be soft, comfy, and able to keep your camera secure at all times. Terrascape´s Leather Strap is the final result. Encompassing all these characteristics, it offers you the comfort and elasticity that nylon straps just can’t deliver, and it safely withstands weights up to 7 kg* without showing any stress or fatigue.

To keep your shoulder strap’s soft touch and increase its service life, remember to apply a fat-free leather protection cream once or twice a year. You can find good quality leather and hide protection products in specialty stores.

NB: Terrascape´s Leather Straps are 100% hand made and no two items are alike. Minor deviations in leather score lines and/or unparallel stitching may be present. Leather may show minor natural imperfections from animal hide.

*Submitted to 5-day, daily or frequent use tests. The strap was left hanging overnight with 7kg of gear, for the whole duration of the test.