Mandatory for anyone who uses 165mm filters!

The inner case allows you to store up to 7 ND filters with the size of 165mm. Our filter pouch is 100% metal free, to avoid rain or sea salt induced oxidation and rust. The plastic parts are from the YKK® manufacturer. The outside nylon is made of 38% polyester and 62% PVC on the inner layer, making it fully water proof. The inside is made of 100% polyester glued to a thin sponge layer with Alitecno® technology. The bag profile has a rigid PVC plate to ensure the best protection for your  filters. You may use your filter pouch on your seatbelt, or around the shoulder, at chest height, keeping your filters easily at hand.

You can insert the following filters: 165x165mm | 165x200mm | 170x150mm | 150x150mm | All 165mm range from Formatt Hitech | All  SW150 range from Lee | All 150mm range from Haida Photo | All 150mm range from Nisi Digital

You can insert the following filter support: n/a