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José Ramos – Portugal (2019)

BenoitMalaussena – France (2019)

Miguel Mesquita – Portugal (2019)


Note: The reviews listed below are for models prior to 2019.

Chantal Lichtenberg – Germany (2018)

Christian Ohlig – Germany (2018)

Eric Rousset – France (2017)

Alessio Putzu – Italy (2017)

La mirada de los Fotógrafos – Spain (2017)

Camerapixo – José Ramos – Portugal (2016)

SaggiaMente – Italy (2016)

Objectivo Natural – Spain (2016)

Francesco Gola – Italy (2015)

Gerardo Moreno Chinchilla – Spain (2015)

Jean-Michel Lenoir 300px ” Filter gear manufacturers made a lot of effort to propose new solutions adapted to the ultra-wide angle lenses. That’s a really good point and now landscape photographers can use really large filters to optimize their photographs in the field. Unfortunately most of trades forgot to propose convenient solutions to protect filters whereas it is a really important point. Each photographer who use 150 or 165 mm ND filter system has invested a lot of money in its gear and knows how hard it is to handle them safely. As the light is not waiting for you, you need to be very reactive when you manipulate them and it takes to much time to store them individually when you modify the density on the filter-holder. When I discover the Terrascape filter bag I found at last a convenient solution to save time, be more efficient and to avoid to damage them. Now I always keep it on my shoulders or on my tripod ! I highly recommend this outstanding “handbag » that follows me everywhere I go on every photographic trip ! ”

Jean-Michel Lenoir  | nature photographer
 Captura de pantalla 2015-01-02 a las 12.54  “It has always been a problem carrying my filters and damaged it on every trip, but this problem was further increased when I started using my 165mm crystal ND filters. Terrascape Bag provides not only protection for my filters, but also a way to have everything handy and well organized at the time of the capture. Its waterproof construction without metal parts to avoid rust, plus shoulder and belt straps make this a perfect companion in all my travels! ”

Jesús García | Landscape Photographer | Spain
“So far I had managed to use an old-school CD carrying pouch, which would be able to carry about 6 filters, but for Iceland I needed something more substantial. Unfortunately most carrying pouches were heavy, large and cumbersome, representing no advantage over my old-school case. Fortunately, someone in my own country managed to create the best filter bags in the market. The Terrascape CLASSIC filter bag represented everything I wanted in a filter bag, namely small size, large capacity, waterproofing and versatility. The inner case reversible design is ingenious and, since I use custom 100mm x 125mm filters (I find the 150mm unnecessarily big), I was able to fit them to the 20 slot side, meaning I could easily carry 20 filters in a small convenient bag! I hope Terrascape gets all the success they deserve.”
José Ramos | Landscape Photographer | Portugal
Francesco 300px
 “Handling filters on the top of a cliff or with your feet in the ocean is always a challenge: just a misstep and hour precious glass is gone. I tried to solve this issue with many pouches, but no one gave me the manoeuvrability and the safe feeling of a Terrascape bag! Hooked to my belt, around the shoulder or fixed to my tripod, my Terrascape bag now takes me in every adventure keeping safe, and dry, my filters”

Francesco Gola | Landscape Photographer | Italy
Terrascape_at_NYC_04_by_Javier_de_la_Torre 300x300  “A headache less. Finally a product that helps me to protect and safely transport my 165mm filters. But best of all is the freedom of movement that gives you the ONESIXFIVE bag when you’re shooting. All my filters are always at hand, perfectly positioned and easily identifiable. No more not knowing what to do with the filters while you prepare the frame or adjust the camera. Strongly recommended not only for landscape photography, but also for sessions in the city. Congratulations to Terrascape! ”

Javier de la Torre | Landscape Photographer | Spain
“It’s nice to finally see a bag designed by photographers, for photographers. I’ve tried many different ways of storing my filters while travelling overseas. On the road, it has to be practical. Size and weight are important. There’s a fine line between having a bag with enough protection for your gear and at the same time being small enough to take with you. Terrascape have done this very well. Their new filter bag has a weatherproof outer, scratchproof inner, straps for everything (shoulders, waist, tripod), and plenty of space for everything else. It’s nice being able to include a cable release or lens cloth and keep everything I need together. Filters slide in and out smoothly and even the internal padding is removable. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Jarrod Castaing | Landscape photographer | Australia
Vassilis 300
“The Terrascape brand has created a real radical solution for all of us carrying many ND filters. A MUST for all Long Exposure photographers. From now on you can protect all your neutral density filters in one practical and well designed bag where you can add up to 10 100/150mm filters or Up to 20 85mm filters. There is also a special pocket for filter holders and adaptor rings. I have this bag during my shooting and easily change/add my filters without any problem. Most importantly i do not have to carry them in seperate cases. This means saving a lot of time and i really love it. I highly recommend it and from now on this special bag will be my number one priority on every photographic trip. “
Vassilis Tangoulis | Landscape photographer | Greece
Don’t know how I managed to live without this bag all this time. After moving to the full-frame format, I’ve spend a lot of money in neutral density filters, an investment like that deserved some care. Because there are no interesting solutions on the market, in terms of protection, I have walked with the filters in original wrappers, although is not practical and forces sometimes doing gymnastics. Fortunately, everything changed. Now I’m a happy photographer, thanks to this new product from Terrascape, I have my filters protected more than ever.”
Maurício Reis | Landscape photographer and director of the Portuguese photo magazine “zOOm”
 “I use ND filters for more than 5 years and I spent the same time looking for a bag to carry them to the field. At the beginning, especially after changing to full-frame format, I used the bag that came with the filters that served the purpose of protecting them, but it was not practical. Fortunately I found the Terrascape Filter Bag that not only protects, but also transport and allows to handle the filters with full effectiveness. The bag is the perfect size for those who, like me, has several filters, one filter holder, a ring and even a cleaning cloth. The solution to accommodate filters of large (100x150mm) and small size is genious. The fact that we can put it in our chest is also another advantage. It’s amazing how this product can speed up our workflow in the field. Undoubtedly this product fills a failure in the market with quality! ”

Luis Afonso | Landscape and Nature Photographer | Portugal