Filter Bag CLASSIC

The complete solution for the enthusiast or professional photographer who needs to transport all their 100mm filter set!

The inner case allows you to store up to 11 ND filters with the size of 100x120mm, 100x100mm or 100x150mm. The front side compartment is also ideal to store your filter support and rings. Our filter pouch is 100% metal free, to avoid rain or sea salt induced oxidation and rust. The plastic parts are from the YKK® manufacturer. The outside fabric is from CORDURA® and water proof,  the inside is made of 100% polyester.  Around the bag is a rigid profile made of hard material and a gel sponge with anti-humidity properties, to ensure more protection of your filters.
The side flaps of the top cover protects against dust and raindrops. You may use your filter pouch on your seatbelt, or around the shoulder, at chest height, keeping your filters easily at hand.

You can insert the following filters: 100x100mm | 100x120mm | 100x150mm

You can insert the following filter support: Cokin Z Series | Hitech 100mm MK4, Hitech Firecrest | Haida M10 | Lucroit 100mm | Lee Fundation, Lee Push-on | Kase K8 | Nisi LAOWA/V5/V5 PRO